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About Adina in Wonderland

Who am I? That's a very good question! ... because you see sometimes I wonder too!

Why? That's simple! It seems that I discover every day new shapes, new colors, new souls of my own. Ohh no ... I don't have a double personality! ... I hope at least! :) 


So for now I'll tell you that I love to play with words and I actually do a better job writing than being loud and noisy ...


I've created this blog after a special friend of mine kept telling me over and over again that I should be read. Sometimes I sign my "playing words" AH (out of irony - A from Adina and H from Hemingway lol) ...


I'm passionate about photography, travel, losing my steps on unknown streets, smelling new countries, flying clouds of sugar, swimming emotions and last but not least playing with words. If you would know me for real you will probably never say that I'm a dreamer! Surprise! I am actually one! I day dream and I make my dreams come true! 


You can check my photo gallery on Instagram at adina.in.wonderland (the account it's linked in Home page). I'm using #picassostateofmind #hypnoticnarcoticaddictivecities #ahpen #adinainwonderland #lessismore and #darksouls ... some of them are even inked on my skin.


So who am I?

Let's find out together! Welcome in Wonderland!